Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beginning of his 26th year

I had been planning this day for quite some time. Everyday I spent a little bit of time researching and finding the perfect gift, a delicious meal...well basically an unforgettable night. I wanted to show Josh just what celebrating birthdays is all about. He doesn't seem to get the big "hoopla" I know it is!

So I gave this man the time of his life.

February 1st we awoke and I sweetly whispered good morning as he got up to get ready for work. I stayed in bed anxiously awaiting his departure (I took the day off). I kissed him goodbye and immediately I went into party planning mode.

I worked out a deal with his bosses and got Josh a half day so I only had a few hours until he returned. I decorated our dinning room area and baked him a cake and then got pretty for our special day together.

I got him trick candles so he had some trouble blowing them out! 

He opened his gifts. I got his some tools to start wood carving. He's been wanting to start a new hobby. Hopefully one day I get a chest or jewelry box. 

Then we went to the movies to watch Warm Bodies. There was one other couple there as well. Josh didn't really like it. Of course, what boy enjoys watching a love story unless they're with their boo? 

Warm Bodies (2013) Poster

I had previously made reservations at Simply Fondue for dinner. We had the chef's choice which was 3 courses. We chose cheese, meats, and deserts. It was an AMAZING and very filling experience not to mention extremely delicious (and well worth the price). 

After we stuffed our faces we went to Kim n Dale's Bed & Breakfast (click on the link to view pictures of the log house) which was a new experience for the both of us. I didn't realize I was setting the bar so high! It was such a pleasant experience and a wonderful way to end our night. 

When we got to the log house we settled in (luckily we got the house to ourselves) and got freshly baked cookies at 9 PM. We were so tired from gorging ourselves that we didn't have much time to enjoy the entire house however we did take advantage of the jet tub in the master bedroom. It was the MOST relaxing bath we have ever taken. And then we jumped into bed which was Tempurpedic, so after sleeping like babies on the plush bed and feather-like pillows we only had one complaint: NOT ENOUGH TIME. 

We had such a great time and Josh felts so pampered and loved. We are definitely going back there again. Kim was such a sweet host. We woke up and opened the door when all of a sudden a rush of smells attacked us. Kim had eggs, potato wedges, fresh fruit, biscuits and gravy, fresh orange juice, and bacon ready for us on the table. I could already read Josh's mind as we ate the delicious meal, I wish we could stay!