Wednesday, June 19, 2013

He likes - She likes = Our life

It's June 19th almost a year of marriage and each day is a new day, a new lesson learned. Here are 19 interesting facts:

1. He likes to listen to talk radio.
     I like anything BUT talk radio.

2. He hates anything wasteful.
    I waste most things.

3.  He reads science fiction.
    I write creative non-fiction.

4. We love watching movies.

5. He loves everything about animals.
    I'd rather experience animals in 2D.

6. He is addicted to politics.
    I'm addicted to fashion.

7.  He dreams of living in the country.
     I'm ok with being a part of a country living inside a BIG city.

8. He loves mustard.
    I look good in mustard color.

9. He Googles anything and everything. He loves to research things.
    I got my degree in 2011. Haven't written a research paper since!

10. We hate math. Enough said.

11. He cries during sad movies.
      I Laugh Out Loud every time I see... The Stars are Brighter (minions) 

12. He looks to the future.
      I stay in the present.

13.  He wakes up with a smile on his face.
       I wake up wishing I had a meat cleaver in my hand.

14.  He loves to drive fast and get speeding tickets.
       I drive fast and never get speeding tickets.

15. We love to cuddle.

16. He is cheap.
      I love to spend money, it's therapeutic.

17. He has little patience.
      I have enough for the both of us (for now).

18. He turns into a beast when he's hungry. (This is typically every 2 hours)
      I am a bear if you wake me up from a nap or in the morning.

19. We love each other unconditionally.

Note: Part II will come out some time in the near future.

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