Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Okies and Guns

Josh and I have discussed guns in our home but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that Josh got this feeling he should purchase an AR-15 to begin his arsenal as part of our protection. Let's attribute this feeling to his disdain for our current government leaders and the ever imposing doomsday which plagues our society.

These babies are quite expensive so naturally he had to convince me of the sell. He's a salesman so that wasn't too hard. The deal was, "You can spend $2500 on something you really need". My response a few days later, "I want a Mac ohhhh and a sewing machine!"

Josh was too excited once we agreed on the deal that he immediately emailed his grandpa Hank for advice on the gun. The response he got is UNBELIEVABLE and something we were NOT expecting. Grandpa Hank replied, "Josh what a coincidence, a while back I bought you an AR-15, all you need to do is come pick it up but I bet you won't want to wait until Christmas to do that!"

That next weekend we were driving to Oklahoma with my sister Giselle in the back seat drooling on her pillow while Josh and I jammed out to Bon Jovi. It's about a five hour drive so to break up the monotony of the road we stopped at a fruit stand (which by the way had amazing nectarines and peaches) and mostly chatted about religion and politics. It helps that there was a referee aka Giselle in the car.

When we got to G-pa Hank's house it took every ounce of will for Josh to not turn the conversation towards the gun. Luckily men think alike and G-pa Hank brought it up. Josh was so excited to go shooting the next morning even though he was feeling sick and his throat was aching. He rose out of bed about 6 in the morning without an alarm clock! Needless to say he spent 5 hours out at the shooting range getting his gun ready for regular use even foregoing lunch. That usually doesn't happen in fact it's nearly impossible, he get's very grumpy without food and simply cannot function.

Gun range + Josh= Happy Man

Well the trip was short but Josh got his AR-15. We are now one step closer to living on a farm or ranch in the middle of nowhere, Podunk USA.  

FYI...I'm now working on my side of the deal...maybe my parents can buy me a sewing machine?!

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