Thursday, March 21, 2013

What do YOU do for fun?

Josh and I are in a rush to get everything paid off so that we can enjoy life and as he says "get out of the rat race". So we are paying off his school loans (which shouldn't take more than 4-5 months). We then want to pay off our cars as well. Dave Ramsey calls it the Snowball Effect and it really works. We have already paid a few other things off and are well on our way to enjoying more of our money the way we want to.

POINT IS: We need ideas of what to do around Dallas that is free (or very little cost)!!!

We usually have date night once a week but we run out of ideas. Please help us fill our calendar by giving us ideas on what to do. 

I've listed a few suggestions that came to mind:

1. Work out (I got a free 7 day pass to 24 hour fitness)
2. Picnics (when the weather cooperates, Texas is very fickle one day it's sunny the next it's pouring rain)
3. Walks around our apartment complex (There isn't great scenery around our place, mostly road construction! When will 183 be finished??)
4. Attend the temple (It's a pretty long drive which means a lot of gas but it's one that we try and make at least once a month)
5. Watch movies at home (we are pretty frequent to Redbox, I get weekly texts from them giving me $0.50 off my rentals)

Can you think of any?


  1. Game nights with friends and everybody brings a snack to share.

  2. One of our favorite free dates while dating at BYU was feeding the ducks. In fact when I got my big job offer from Exxon we celebrated by buying a loaf of bread for 50 cents and two sodas for 25 cents each, then sitting by Provo River. I still remember that fabulous $1 date. Any ponds nearby??

  3. My thought was the same as Justin and Kitara. Invite friends over for game night. Have everyone brings a snack to share so you don't have to stress over it and then have fun and relax.

  4. Thank you for the ideas! Sadly there are no ponds around here that Josh or I know about. That sounds like fun though! Josh and I are the youngest in our ward and the only ones without children. Most of the young couples moved away recently. Game night is a good idea we will try that!!