Saturday, March 2, 2013

Run in with the law

I believe it was our second or third date and Josh was pretty excited...I mean so excited that we made it 100 yards out of the apartment complex and he was being pulled over. He claims he was playing with the radio and wasn't paying attention to how fast he was going. I had seen the cop first and didn't say anything figuring he had seen the cop as well. The cop gave him a ticket and we were on our way. It was the kind of experience you can only laugh to get through and so I did. Josh seemed a bit embarrassed but I still liked him.

If my life were a movie, the audience would have realized that those red flashing lights would have foreshadowed what was to come. 1 year and 1 month later we are at 7 speeding tickets and counting....

I have been lucky enough to witness 2 of those tickets. Josh is polite and takes his tickets gracefully, knowing full well he is at fault. He never gets warnings or even asked why he was speeding. They take one look at him ask for license and registration and come back with a ticket. He must have an invisible sign on his car that says "I SPEED FOR A LIVING".

Usually Josh takes a deferment which allows him to pay the ticket and then go 3 months without getting another one (hopefully) in order to keep the ticket off of his record: Another reason why Texas is so cool!

So we were in the middle of one of his deferments (and married by this point I might add) and on our way to church one beautiful Sabbath morning when nothing could go wrong we thought. WRONG! Josh was going about 5 over the speed limit in a residential area. We were about to hit a red light as a cop car slowly approached us going the opposite way. As Josh made it to the red light the cop car about 200 yards away turns around and comes toward our direction. Of course Josh had been watching the cop this entire time because he knew that he was driving over the speed limit. Our hearts began beating wildly fast and Josh began freaking out! "I can't get another ticket! I won't! You have to switch me right now!"

He made a quick right hand turn and sped up to try and get away. In hopes of losing the cop he turned into this Donut shop, he parked and we were out of the car before you could say kolaches! He handed me the keys and we raced inside. There were a few other people waiting in line and they must have thought we were crazy. I mean I had a panicked look on my face and Josh was red and sweaty all over. Josh kept a watchful eye out the window to make sure the cop didn't follow us. We looked at each other and just laughed as we finally inhaled some air and relaxed a little. The cop was gone.

I took the keys from him. Drove the speed limit to church. We were a little late but it was an adventure for sure. There's a folder in our cabinet of important documents specifically named "Josh's Tickets".

He has slowed down his driving quite a bit and isn't as aggressive behind the wheel. We laugh every time we pass the Donut shop on the way to church :)    


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