Monday, March 25, 2013

Newly Wed Game

Last night we had a couples potluck/game night. It was a lot of fun! The food was every word you can think of for delicious, (so much so we all took pictures with our iPhones of the recipe) we had Chicken Taco Pie. It might have been the extra chilli powder Rian put in the pot or our growling stomachs that made it taste so yummy.

After dinner we played the Newly Wed Game.

Rules: Everyone gets pieces of paper and a pen. There are questions you will answer either about yourself or about your spouse. For each question you get right there's a point given to the team. NO CHEATING (no eyebrow raising, mouth twitching, or winks to signal answers). This is a game about how well you know your spouse.

1. Wilhite's: 8-9 months of marriage, Rian is loud and Cari is quiet.
2. Seegmiller's: 9-10 months of marriage, Stephen and Megan were once asked, "What kind of nerds are you??"
3. Beck's: 3 years of marriage no kids, Cassandra has "The Look" down pat! John gives her a lot of practice
4. Challis': 7-8 months of marriage, Melissa (me) is the enforcer, Josh is the rebel.

We had about 20 rounds (questions). Here are a few examples:

1. Wife: If you were a Disney Princess who would you be? Beck's guessed correctly (one of the few) CINDERELLA (John says because of her two sister....more info was not given haha)

2. Wife: What is the most annoying habit about your spouse? Wilhite's did NOT guess correctly but Cari said Rian being loud and he said not cleaning up after himself

3. Wife: My husband is the best at ______ and the worst at ______? Challis' got it right CUDDLER, CLEANING

4. Husband: What will your first child's name be (bonus if you get the middle name too?  Seegmiller's agreed on Luke Stephen and Emma Riley (They even know their second son's name! That's teamwork right there)

5. Husband: When was the last time you stayed up past midnight other than going to the ER, pharmacy or grocery store? Seegmiller's went to a concert however the date was not specified and Stephen was holding Megan up most of the time because she was falling asleep (Can't keep a teacher up on a school night!!)

6. Husband: What was your spouse wearing on your first date? Wilhite's couldn't even agree on what was the first date needless to say Cari said work clothes and Rian said a jacket!!!

7. Wife: If there is ONE thing that belongs to your spouse that you could get rid of, what would it be? Challis' wrote down their answer immediately....SCUFFY (aka Josh's cat, I'm still working on my genius plan)

8. Husband: What is your spouse's favorite flower? Beck's got it! John said Gerber Daisies (which are her least favorites and SHE GAVE HIM THE LOOK), he smiled big and responded, "Peonies" and then she smiled in relief.
Final Score:
Seegmiller's WIN IT with a high score of 15
Challis' followed with a close 13
Beck's tried their best and came back from 0 to an impressive 7
Wilhites trailed behind with a 5 (I suggest some practice for the next time we play lol)

We had a great time with some wonderful friends while enjoying getting to know each other a bit more.

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