Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This past weekend Josh (and I) drove down to Houston to spend the weekend with family. (Josh hardly ever likes to be in the passenger seat!) We got tickets to go to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo which also included a concert by Luke Bryan.

We got to Houston right around dinner time (perfect because of course my mom made my favorite: Lasagna).  We sat and talked for an hour or so. Our family conversations usually consist of poking fun at one another (it's how we say I love you). Josh fits in quite nicely, although he hasn't poked at anyone else except me and on occassion, my little sister, Giselle. Later that night my cousing Priscilla aka Prissy and her friend Taleen arrived as well. It was almost midnight when we went to bed and Josh had to be up early the next morning to go play soccer with my dad. (Something he was NOT looking forward to because he's not that great at it). My dad basically wanted to show off because he's great at soccer.

The boys played soccer while we got ready for the rodeo. I did sneak in some kolaches that morning from Kolache Factory (a MUST whenever in Houston). Josh walked in looking like a beat up pinata! He could already feel his aching muscles giving out. So finally around 11AM we headed out to the rodeo. It was a pleasantly sunny day with a light wind to keep us cool. We of course ate as soon as we got there. Who comes to the rodeo for anything but the FOOD?? We ate BBQ of course. I couldn't decide on what desert I wanted afterwards there were so many to pick from (candy apples, fried oreos, fried cookie dough on a stick, shaved ice, etc).

We walked around the expo area where we came across boots, hats, jewlery, purses, mattresses, trucks, tractors, cows, chicks, camels (not sure why they were there??). My dad ended up buying a massage chair which was amazing!! (Can't wait to try that baby out for more than 2 minutes!!) Finally around 3:30 PM we made our way to the top of the Reliant to see the rodeo. My favorite is the bull riding and mutton bustin (little kids ride sheep to see how long they can hold on, it's the sweetest thing).

Luke Bryan was pretty cool during the 3 songs I knew lol The sound guys weren't doing their job so it was hard to understand what he was saying since his band was drowning him out. I enjoyed Brad Paisley a lot more last year. After the concert I was starving so we got a turkey leg for 12 bucks haha soooo delicious!!

It's a great tradition we have started all because Josh wanted to ask for my hand in marriage!! We celebrated one year that he nervously asked my father for my hand in marriage. It was an awesome weekend.

FYI: Josh has been walking with a stick up his butt for about 4 days and counting. Ohhh the joys of discovering your age and that you're out of shape.

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