Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Ice Queen and the Lover Boy

The way Josh and I are around each other (lots of PDA) you would never guess our beginning....

Once upon a time...OKAY maybe not that far back but sometime back in September 2011 a red-headed Lover Boy moved into the Arlington YSA ward. He was wide-eyed and curious, excitedly looking for someone to love. He saw many pretty girls and gave each one a chance to woo his heart however he could not find the right one. All the while there was this Ice Queen, who was too preocupied with work, spending time with her sister, and ignoring men (including Lover Boy). One day Lover Boy took interest in the pretty Ice Queen yet to his dismay she paid him no mind. He thought "Psssht forget her then!" Time went on and still there was little interaction or interest on her part.

Then on November 3rd (DOB) the Ice Queen was at the mall with her sister Johamy shopping for a new outfit when she ran into none other than Lover Boy and Ileana (who happened to be the Ice Queen's friend and Visiting Teacher). Naturally the Lover Boy's interest was reignited as soon as he saw the Ice Queen but she didn't take notice in his flirty ways (she was also under the impression that he was dating Ileana). However, Johamy did notice and she immediately commented, "Melissa, he liiiiikes you! He's cute!!! You should date him. I like him." My response...."haha um no he's a red head and he's dating Ileana." He tried to make contact after the encounter but his efforts failed miserably.

Time went on and by the end of January 2012 there was a spark of hope again. At an FHE food activity, the Ice Queen happened to sit at a table right in front of Lover Boy. It wasn't long before Lover Boy started to melt the Ice Queen with his charm. All it took was a giggle and a look from her and Lover Boy knew that after all those doors being shut a window had finally cracked open. He took advantage of the opportunity and messaged the Ice Queen on FB a couple of days later....

LB: You going to the dance on Saturday?
IQ: Yes I am, if I can get Elise to go with me
LB: Text me. (his #)
IQ: Man you're demanding lol
LB: Lol it's not demanding! It's just being forward and not beating around the bush

Sufficeth to say we haven't stopped texting since that day....

Don't worry I won't leave ya'll hanging next up is.... Part II: The Dance


  1. :) I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog posts.

    1. Thanks!! That def keeps me motivated to continue writing. I'd like to return the favor...