Monday, May 7, 2012

Termination to my Sabbatical from Men

The night was coming to a close, the seconds ticking away and yet we refused to give in to our weary eyes. Josh continued texting me after we had parted ways around midnight or so. I got home and with all the butterflies still in my stomach I decided to stay up and watch TV a bit, while I ate some Crunch Berries cereal. It was about 2:30AM when we finally gave in and went to bed but not before Josh had offered his shoulder to me to sleep on during church services the next morning. I thought his eagerness to show me his sweet side to be adorable and endearing. I lay awake in bed overwhelmed with excitement and somehow dozed off but then what felt like an hour later, my alarm went off. I popped out of bed immediately (which rarely ever happens) to shower and get ready but not before noticing a "good morning beautiful" text from Josh. My head was swirling within seconds but I needed to focus. I had to pick up my friend, K, on the way to church and I had a presentation I had hardly practiced for and I didn't want to be late! Josh had already agreed to save me a seat next to him and I just hoped he would be wearing the same cologne from the night before. Already my nerves were unstable and I could feel my body streaming with waves of shock which made me tremble.

I picked up K and on the way to the church I got a little lost. I was anxiously trying to get there but every turn took me further away from the church. Finally when I had caught my mistakes I was back on the right road when a small dog ran into the middle of the street and collided with my car before I could react. I stopped and looked in my rearview mirror just in time to catch the dog chase it's tail like it was drunk and then it just collapsed on the ground. I couldn't believe it!!! "Did I kill it?" My eyes began to water and I could feel my heart just sinking. Never in all my life had I ever killed an animal on the road except little bugs on road trips but they deserved it! This poor pup was just running across the street to play with some kids and I had ended it's life. I felt horrible. The owner walked up to the dog, scooped it up and said, "Don't worry baby it ain't yo fault. This stupid dog always be runnin' into the streets, tryin' to play wit da kids." She walked away as if nothing had happened all the while I was mortified by her attitude. I got back into the car and I saw a text from Josh "Hurry up! Where are you? It's about to start and it's packed today." I responded "I killed a dog." He laughed not really believing my story.

When I got to the church he was there with an empty seat next to him. I walked over to him, as he looked me over, a big smile appeared on his face. "I can't believe you killed a dog! What's wrong with you?" he snickered. He gave me a hug and told me not to worry he also had an experience like that before. Of course it didn't make me feel any better so I tried to forget the accident. Fifteen minutes of being there and I was beginning to doze off. Josh scooted his chair closer to mine and offered me his shoulder, I looked up at him and smiled as I lay my head gently on his shoulder. As soon as our bodies touched our connection intensified once more. My eyes were closed but a smile curled up on my face. His sweet scent was alluring and I was put in a trance. I felt at ease next to him, like we had been doing this forever. It was easy to allow him near me almost like breathing and yet when I was near him I had difficulty allowing oxygen into my lungs.

Elise happened to be sitting behind me along with another two friends, Amber and Amanda, who noticed our "shameless flirting" tactics (or so they alleged). We liked each other and everyone in the room was well aware of it. Even the bold stares from a few people didn't keep us from enjoying each other's company. Whispers into each other's ears and grin's stretching ear to ear were continuous throughout the hour. My fingers traced the outlines of his firm back as I secretly wrote: I like you Josh. A LOT!!!

It was almost time to leave when Josh instantly turned to me with no hesitation:

J: Hey what are you doing today after church?
M: Nothing really.
J: I've got some math I have to work on for school but would it be alright if I come over and hang out afterwards?
M: Yeah, sounds good...

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  1. I love your reading your love story! You're such an amazing writer. I wish I could express myself as well as you do.