Thursday, May 24, 2012

Apparently ankles can sweat

Fast forward about six weeks into our relationship, it was finally time for Josh to meet my family. We took off Friday afternoon to Houston quite exhilarated for what lay ahead. I had never brought a boyfriend home to my parents so they knew it was pretty serious and I was a bit nervous. We already had plans to visit the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo and were especially excited to see Brad Paisley sing. I was hoping that sometime during the visit Josh would talk to my father about getting his blessing to ask for my hand in marriage. I had no way of even imagining what was to happen the next few days....

We had pupusas that night, and of course Josh loved them (now we eat pupusas like once a week, he even craves them). I could tell he was a bit nervous by his sweat soaked hands because most of the attention was on him. I was really happy my cousin Prissy and her parents were there to keep the awkward moments from happening. Crisis averted! My parents liked him from the very beginning. Josh was articulate, kind, respectful, tall, and a blue-eyed handsome man. I was mostly surprised by my dad's receptiveness. We all laughed and talked for a couple of hours until our eyes betrayed us and we said good night.

Saturday was a fun-filled day. There were cows, sheep, horses, chicks hatching, boots and just about every cowboy east of the Mississippi there to show off their skills. It was quite the experience for Josh. He got to experience some real Texas pride up close and personal. The Brad Paisley concert was amazing!!! I had already prepped Josh before we came by having him listen to every song and he even tried learning some of the songs. The day went on and I kept trying to convince myself that Josh had snuck in the conversation with my dad and would ask me to be his future wife any minute during Brad Paisley's "I thought I loved you then" song. To my short-lived disappointment it didn't happen.

Sunday we had family over for fajitas. Josh was completely overwhelmed with all the family that showed up. To me, of course, it was just a normal gathering yet to him it felt like a family reunion. With Spanish words whizzing past him he sat there patiently and just smiled. I couldn't help but feel so much love for him as my family enveloped him and took him in as if he were already part of the family. Yet, a few hours later I was annoyed and I was getting impatient. Josh still had not talked to my dad and it was getting late. We were planning on leaving pretty soon and all Josh could do was pace around the first floor of my house. I was in the kitchen when Josh came up to me and said, "My ankles are sweating!!!" I couldn't stop laughing. I didn't even know that someone's ankles could sweat. I felt them for proof and sure enough there was a pool of water dripping down his ankles. I looked him square in the eyes and told him, "Suck it up, grab some courage and JUST DO IT!"

At last, he took my dad aside and they talked for about 45 minutes. I'm not too sure of what really went on in there. Josh claims my dad was calm and helpful. I can't help but wonder what those office walls would tell me if I asked. He got the OK and that's all that mattered. Now I just had to wait around until he asked...

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  1. I've seen Brad Paisley twice at the rodeo...and loved it! He's so great!
    And it sounds like Josh is great as well! =)