Monday, May 21, 2012

A Birthday Celebration

February 1, 2012 marked a quarter of a century in Josh's timeline aka lifeline. FINALLY, I thought to myself...a guy who is older than me and sort of acts like it. I was freaking out all day thinking of what to feed him. I had already put my foot in my mouth by offering to cook dinner and then take him to play miniature golf. SHOCKER!!! He had never been in his life. (Note to self: he had no childhood). I left work early to begin my masterpiece. If any of you really know me, I don't like to cook. My pantry consisted of easy 5 minute dinners, frozen food, lots of cereal, and snacks. What was I thinking? Ok duh, I wanted to impress him. That was a big deal for me. Never in my life had I felt the desire to cook for a man especially on our 2nd date. I had previously stopped at the store during my lunch break to pick up a birthday card for him and even thought about buying a cake so he could blow out the candles. Lucky for him some admirer had already beat me to the punch earlier that morning so I skipped the cake.

The food was almost finished as he was knocking on the door around 6:30PM. I hugged him and wished him a happy birthday. The hug didn't last as long as I had hoped but I also didn't want my food to burn. We ate bite by bite as we conversed about our days. He complimented me on the taste and texture, especially on my rice. My stomach was churning! I just kept hoping he would swallow each piece just to apease me. The teriyaki chicken got a little cold but he still ate it all and for that I was grateful. Dinner was over and as I picked up the plates he opened his card. He called me sweet and chuckled as he read, "Feeling happy is like peeing in your pants only you can feel its warmth"

We left my apartment and as Josh opened the car door for me I remembered I had only brought with me my keys and cell phone. What an idiot! Now he surely thought I was a brat for making him pay on his birthday. I didn't say anything and neither did he when he paid for 2 balls and 2 golf clubs. We made a deal. Winner got 3 wishes. I was determined and focused. I had played a few months before on the same course and I thought I had it in the bag. He on the other hand was so nervous, so much so that he kept making excuses until he started making his shots. 40 holes and by the end of the night we had a friendly competition full of laughter, flirting, and Hole-n-One's (we each got at least one of those). I got better as the night flew by and he got worse! However, he still beat me.

He pretended to think about his first wish even though I could read it on his forehead and so he asked, "Did you let me win?" I carefully pondered his question. It was his birthday and his first time playing. I answered, "No." His hands flew in the air, he was bursting with joy while his tone converted to cockiness I allowed him to defend his win. A tender kiss goodbye left us anxious for the next.

We have a tentative rematch scheduled. And he still has 2 wishes left.

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