Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why don't we just dance?

So the plans were finalized after about 20 text messages later (probably an excuse to just text me). The plan was to meet up with some friends for dinner and then go to the dance. I went shopping that Saturday morning trying to find the perfect dress. I figured "Maybe I'll meet someone...". There was a black, strapless lace dress that came down to my knees that fit me perfectly, now all I needed were some tall heels and a cute cardigan to wear over it. As I was putting my outfit together, curling my hair, and putting on make-up (yes women are that talented). I couldn't help but think of who I would be slow dancing with. I knew there was going to be a lot of people there and I was eagerly fantasizing about all the possibilities. As I was leaving my apartment, the old man upstairs was walking to his apartment when he took one look at me and said "Whoa! Someone's getting lucky tonight!" I half smiled and hurried to my car half disgusted with his remark. I drove over to Elise's house to pick her up before meeting up with Josh. After changing her outfit a few times and fluffing her hair a bit we walked out of the house ready to dance the night away. We beat Josh to our meeting place (even though we were late and he lives 5 minutes away from the building). A few minutes later he appeared and I hopped in the front while Elise took the back. Taking the front seat proved worth the effort, I could tell he had taken the time to look his best. His hair was neatly trimmed, he had on a blue button up shirt (which made his blue eyes almost seem teal) with a black vest and a yellow striped tie. Not to mention his car was immaculate and smelled clean. He had a handsome smile on his face that made me feel warm and excited for the night.

The ride there was comfortable, hardly any silences (well with Josh and Elise monopolizing the conversation) followed by a few wrong turns. I tried to play co-pilot but was failing miserably so Josh moved his hand slowly in my direction to grab the phone in my hands but instead he lightly touched my hand which sent a spurt of energy through me. I think he felt it too because he laughed and made a joke about it. We got to the Mediterranean restaurant and Josh dropped us off at the front (he had already taken notice to my 5 inch heels) while he parked in the back. We got our food and we sat in front of each other. BAD IDEA. All throughout dinner he kept kicking me and stepping on my feet (he's 6'4 with hardly any leg room). It was the roughest "footsie" play I had ever experienced and truthfully I wanted to dig my 5 inch heels into his ankles! All in good fun of course. However, I didn't mind as much because the entire time we kept shooting each other flirty smiles, the kind of smile that you give someone with your eyes. Everything he said would make me giggle. I could sense his interest in me growing by the minute. "I had him in the palm of my hand...there was no turning back now!"

Finally we made it to the dance around 9ish. Josh had already made it very clear that it wasn't a date so we each danced with other people. Sometime during the dance he came over to me and whispered in my ear "Make sure you save me the next slow dance". Butterflies entered my stomach but I managed to respond, "Sure, come and find me". The next slow song was Lady in Red and just as promised he came over and whisked me onto the dance floor. His right hand lay just on the small of my back while he hugged me close, and all I could think about was the sweet smell of his cologne which enveloped my senses. I was intoxicated and could hardly keep my feet on pace. He twirled me around and pulled me in to give me a tight squeeze that turned into a few minutes of holding me as he explained "Let's see if that close connection thing works!" An earlier conversation during dinner had led us to the conclusion that due to the pheromones the body releases it could be possible to hug someone tight for a few minutes to establish a bond. Of course there was no objection on my part, I was willing to test out the theory.

I was a goner, I didn't even stand a chance! I was completely falling for him and I didn't even realize it. Like a sneak attack, he was stealthily robbing my heart. The Ice Queen had begun her transformation and there was no stopping it....        

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