Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The First Date

I thought I was going to get to see Josh Monday night during FHE but I didn't because I had to work late which only enhanced my desire to see him again. Luckily Josh had already planned ahead! After he left my apartment Sunday night he had texted me and asked if I wanted to watch The Red Tails Tuesday night. I had nothing else going on and even if I had I would have canceled my plans in a heartbeat. So we had plans for our first official date on Tuesday, January 31. I was happy Josh was willing to forego the official "Guy Rule" of waiting 3-4 days before calling, etc. So I figured asking him back out for Wednesday night wouldn't be a problem especially since he was turning 25 that day.

Tuesday night finally came along after a long day at work. I came home and quickly got ready. To be late or not to be? I took a little extra time making sure each hair was in place. My clothes were carefully laid out as I fought between two outfits. Traffic was a little heavy and he was a few minutes late. I sprayed my neck and wrists with J'adore and covered my lips in Strawberry Frizz lip gloss. About a minute later there was a knock on my door. I jumped up and down for a second, smoothed out the creases in my shirt as I calmly breathed in an out towards the door. I unlocked the door slowly and as I opened it, there he stood as handsome as I remembered. He lifted his gaze towards me and gasped as he uttered with a smile on his face, "You look beautiful". I felt my cheeks warm up a bit, hoping he wouldn't notice I turned around to get my coat and purse. We took off in his white Corolla with the sun starting to set. Before going into the theatre we agreed on getting a box of Skittles. I really wanted some nachos but I was too nervous to ask or eat for that matter. We found some seats up at the top, a few rows above the only other couple in the theatre. Ohhh the benefits of coming on a Tuesday...

Our conversation had been flowing the entire night and I was thankful we were so comfortable around each other. My only concern was the end of the night!!! Kiss or no kiss? I always had a strict no-kissing-on-the-first-date policy and I thought it would be more special for our first kiss to be on his birthday. So the thought left my mind and we began to enjoy the movie. I opened the Skittles and he was kind enough to eat all of the sucky colors like purple and yellow. I only ate the orange ones. The movie was interesting but I couldn't keep my eyes from wandering over to him. Would he hold my hand? Is he going to try to kiss me tonight? I don't want this night to end!!! More than halfway into the movie he made his move! His back was against the chair and his hands held the sides of the arm rests. When slowly his hand slid right into mine which was on my lap. Our hands played with each other intertwined, our fingers caressing and swirling around. Just as I thought how surprisingly soft his hands were he whispered into my ear, "My hands used to have callouses on them back when I did man's work but now they're gone". I laughed a little inside...already we were beginning to sync.

My back began to hurt a little and I leaned forward as I put my hands under my chin. (Honestly I was hoping he would scratch my back a little). A few seconds later I felt a soft kiss on the back of my ear and as he inhaled my scent I slowly turned as we shared our first sweet kiss. His lips melted perfectly into mine. It wasn't sloppy or forceful. He captivated my lips perfectly and as he pulled away to look into my eyes he lingered a bit, his hand on my chin, slowly he made his way back to my mouth.

Don't worry we didn't miss the end of the movie I think someone dies??? :)

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