Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life Since my Last Post

Wooow it's been quite a while since I last wrote. However, I got an itch to write again and decided it was time to let ya'll know what's been going on in my life since then.

The end of June was tumultuous for the Challis Family. Josh got really sick one week after not being able to get rid of a cold. The last few days of June we spent together in bed as I tried to keep his high fever down as best as possible. After a week of moaning in pain, not being able to eat much or sleep for that matter, I finally convinced Josh it was time to go to the hospital. He was admitted after a four hour wait with Pneumonia and he spent the next 3 days being poked and prodded. A week after he was released he finally regained his strength and was doing so much better; That also has to do with the fact that his mom came to be with us when he was in the hospital. She was so helpful in taking care of Josh while I worked and she fed us some yummy dinners!

Right: Josh getting admitted as well as some breathing treatments (antibiotics, etc)

Left: Josh and I enjoying his last day in bed watching movies

Was a very hot month especially in San Antonio where we spent 4th of July at a family reunion. Josh was still recuperating from his illness but we had fun sight-seeing, watching fireworks and spending time with family. Funny Story: Josh lost about 10 or so pounds during the time he was sick and all of my aunts and uncles noticed. They would comment, "Man Josh you look like a stick, is Melissa feeding you?" With my family all averaging 5'5 or so Josh is a giant among us standing at 6'4. Usually my family thinks Josh eats all my food bc he looks so well fed while they think I look too skinny. It was nice not getting those weird looks of suspicion for once. In my family we like to eat so when you don't you get funny looks.

 Left: Josh acting goofy on our tour boat of San Antonio Riverwalk. Josh had never been, other than the heat, he loved it.

Below: We visited the Japanese Gardens which were gorgeous.

Bottom Left: Man vs Food....I finally fed Josh :) 60 inch pizza which was finger lickin' amazin' (we had left overs for 2 days split between 10 people)

We made it!!! ONE YEAR under our belt and it feels great. We celebrated by going on a cruise to Belize, Roatan Island and Cozumel. It was a blast, all the food, the sun, the food, the activities, the food, and the food was amazing :)

Some of our friends thought going on a cruise our first year would be hard to top off in the future but we like to Go Big or Go Home! Our adventures serve as great reminders of our youth and those memories become more beautiful each passing day. I've grown into the type of person that sees the positive and light in things. I always try to find the good so when I remember back on these memories I only remember the great times we had. Because let's be honest people 7 days on a ship with my husband, parents, and siblings was not a picnic everyday! It was just great being all together.

Is our relax month. We went to a Rangers Baseball game with some of Josh's co-workers. We went to Speed Zone on a work outing that I put on for our Dallas team. We went to Conroe to my dad's ranch with all of our cousins to go mudding. Yes, this is what a relaxing month looks like. We like to have fun and keep busy!

Is a bittersweet month because my youngest sister Giselle left on a mission to San Francisco/Oakland Visitor's Center. It was amazing to hear her testimony and how she has matured over time. I know this experience will help her grow in many ways but it was difficult to let her go. I write her just about everyday and think of all the craziness our family will miss while she is gone. However, she is in the right place at the right time doing the right things.

 Left: The last Sunday we spent with Kika.

Johamy was M.I.A. (actually she was in Provo, UT and sadly couldn't make it down).
I'm going to miss my Krazy Kika

Right: Just after landing from sky diving in Moab Utah (2011)...a graduation present she got me.

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