Thursday, August 16, 2012

Married Woman

Life could not get any better at this moment! I am an over joyed and thrilled married woman!

The weeks leading up to the actual wedding were a little stressful. Josh and I were constantly bickering (Satan was trying his best but he did not win) and all of the last minute details seemed to keep pilling up.

Today's post is going to be more of an overview of what it's like to be married.

Let's begin with the dislikes:

1. I haven't come across any yet in my 13 days of marriage....maybe it takes a little while longer for bad habits to come forth?


1. Waking up next to my hubby (that includes morning breath and kisses)
2. Having the option of doing everything together (personally I like watching tv and eating dinner with him as well as showering together ;)
3. Praying together at night and before each meal
4. Intimacy is a given but marriage just takes it to a whole new level
5. Trying to fit "my husband" in every conversation I can with strangers
6. Having a "Mr. Fix It" around the house (we came home from our honeymoon and our closet was falling apart all of my clothes were on the floor and so were his...#thankgoodnessforhiscovetedtools)
7. Getting mail addressed to Challis Family
8. Paying bills (do they get smaller with two incomes or does it seem to multiply?)
9. He hates washing dishes and I love it.... I hate taking the garbage out so he takes care of it. (I heard compromise goes out the window after 6 months)
10. Being with my best friend, husband, and lover everyday and knowing it will be for eternity #bestfeelingeverperiod.

Things are still a little chaotic at the apartment we have yet to unpack a few things and I still have unopened gifts at my parents home in Houston. Once things die down a bit I will continue to fill yall in on the details of the last two weeks or so of my life.

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