Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Challis vs. Orantes

It's no surprise that my father has had a little tantrum here or there during the engagement. I am the eldest of his children (he never even wanted anymore children, the other 4 came due to my mother's insisting), I am daddy's little girl (always have been), and I am one of his best friends. I can talk to my father about anything, always have been able to because he made sure our relationship consisted of trust, communication, and honesty (well mostly on his part..I did lie a few times sorry dad!).

These last few days my upcoming wedding has really been weighing heavily on his mind. I can tell because of what his phone calls and texts consist of...let me clear the air there is no discouragement but rather sadness in his tone. It's tough, this transition for all of us, but for Dad it's quite more. He has always been the constant man in my life. Why just the day before yesterday he called to remind me that I had broken my promise to him. As a little girl I promised Daddy I would marry him someday (I'm marrying someone close enough to his personality that should count for something!) He also texts me to remind me that in a few days I will be losing my freedom completely and that my entire life will change but he does suggest I don't get fat and just try and take it day by day (Maybe that's little girls ask their moms for advice). I try and comfort him and tell him when he is old I will take care of him and I will always be his firstborn but that now I have to create my own family.

Now my intent on writing this post was to explain that my father hit a ridiculous level of emotional attachment. He called me a few days ago to ask me if I was going to keep his last name claiming the Challis name was not as great as Orantes (he did laugh as he said it but with a serious tone he continued). "Why can't he take your last name?" I guess my father forgot he has two sons who will carry on the Orantes name and Josh is the last male Challis so I must produce some males or it dies after this generation. Maybe my father realizes I will actually achieve my goals and become a well-known writer but it will be the surname Challis by which the world shall know me and not Orantes. Maybe he just wants to know he still has some influence in my life. Or maybe he doesn't want to lose his spot in my life. Whatever the reason I just laughed it off and told him I love the name Challis and I'm leaving behind Orantes. He tried to bargain a little by asking me to keep it as a middle name but that didn't work either.

I love you daddy but this little girl is now a woman. Thank you for everything you have taught me, given me, or bought me. But Father now I must become Melissa Zushell Challis. 08/03/12.

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