Monday, July 9, 2012

What's in a Name?,,,, the list goes on and on. Why, Google has hundreds of pages with links to pages that offer names and meanings for names their origin and popularity or just different spellings. As a young girl I thought of what names I could give my future children. I wondered will that sound good as I'm yelling at them from the bottom of the stairs? I put a lot of thought into it and even wrote down a few names in a journal but every few years those names would change. Now that those future children are actually a possiblity Josh and I take every chance we get to think of names we both love for these future rugrats.

The first time we came across this conversation it was probably a few weeks into our courtship. Oddly enough we both love the name Drake. Something I had already decided a while back, so when he told me he liked the name as well it was like finding gold! We both agree we want our children to have unique and strong names. Josh's definition of unique includes "straight from left field-hit you on the head-while you're scratchin it" which means I have to tell him NO when he thinks up of those. His love of all-things-Greek and Roman led me to suggest Alexander as the middle name and he loved it. I secretly chose it because it's my father's middle name as well (a new tradition in my family, both of my brothers share my father's middle name).

We seem to come up with more names for boys instead of girls. Secretly we hope we only have 1 girl. I read online somewhere (so take this at face value) "Attractive people are more likely to have daughters". I texted Josh that and he just laughed and welcomed any challenges. Of course I don't believe it but I do pray we have one baby girl to help soften Josh's heart. A little girl can melt her daddy's heart and change him in ways impossible for anyone else. My father went through his transformation and I have a feeling Josh has a sense of it too but he won't understand it until he is holding her in his arms. With that said we don't have a name for this heartbreaker just yet but we do know her middle name will be Beverly just like her paternal grandmother.

Names can mean very many different things. My name for example means Honeybee. It is of Greek origin. Does that define the person I am? Sometimes we fit our names or our names fit us. Joshua is a rendering of the Hebrew language "Yahoshua" meaning "Yahweh is salvation". It does have more of a bliblical origin and many different meanings as it is translated in Aramaic, Greek, Latin, and even some Slavic languages. The naming of our children is important for they will be known to the world as either Gunner or Richard, Ashley or Penelope. Who decides your future: You or your name?

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