Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

Josh's biological father, Robert, was not very involved in his life. It's a sensitive issue with him that usually brings up feelings of resentment and sadness. It's a relationship foreign to me because I am very close to my father, whom I refuse to call anything but "Daddy" (something that seems to irk Josh like nails to a chalkboard). I attribute his disdain to the word "Daddy" to his lack of having one growing up.

However, Josh is nothing like his father and he will never be because Josh learned what not to do as a husband, father, son and friend. So maybe his father did teach him a few good things. It's just one more similarity between Josh and Alex (my dad). When I first started dating Josh I noticed it immediately, let me be more specific:

  • They both have similar upbringings
    • Absent parents
    • Bascially living on their own
    • Joined the church at 18 year of age
  • Mentality
    • Great work ethic
    • Constant Drive
    • High Confidence
  • FARTING (it's a constant issue but an easy transition)
  • Clothing
    • Similar taste (they usually match "TWINS"...looks funny since Josh is so much taller)
  • Dependable
  • Funny (my dad is a story-teller and Josh is developing his talent but he still enjoys telling a funny joke or story)
  • "I'm Right...you're wrong"
    • Both of them like to take up two lanes while driving and when I remind them to pick a lane their almost exact response is somewhere along the lines of "I pay for these streets, I can use both lanes if I want"
The list goes on and on and so I fear Freud was correct. Woman do marry their fathers (I always did tell my dad as a young child that I would marry him someday). As weird as that may sound... it's comforting to let go of my father, someone I completely trust, love and can depend on, to hold on to my husband, a man I completely trust, love, and can depend on.

Now Josh will have a Father he never had and my dad will have the blue-eyed son he never had!

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