Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Treasure Hunting in the Rain

A few weeks ago, Josh and I decided to go apartment searching. We decided we would exhaust our options and think about it before signing anything. (If you've ever watched the movie "What to Expect when your Expecting", all I could think about was the quote by one of the guys, "If you're looking for a house, you're buying a house" no such thing as just looking for women). Josh only had Tuesday off and I worked Saturday morning the weekend before so that I could take off Tuesday during the week. So the day came and with it Mother Nature decided to drop by as well. Not to gross out any of my male readers but you can probably understand me when I say it was like a murder scene and I was in complete and utter pain. But even tears could not keep me from looking for a new place for Josh and I to begin our lives together so in the words of my sister Johamy, "Suck it" is what I did.

The morning started off slowly and each place we came to was either too pricey for Josh or too ghetto for me. We had already made a list of MUST HAVES.

1. Large walk-in closet (my #1 of course)
2. Pets allowed (his #1 of course)
3. Gated community
4. W/D connections
5. Pool and hot tub
6. 2 bed 2 bath
7. Open kitchen
8. Garden tubs
9. Euless or Bedford area
10. Fit the budget

Needless to say it's a lot harder to get two people to agree which led us to a lot of driving and looking at apartments which lasted about 7-8 hours. I was NOT a happy camper and yet Josh was as kind and loving as ever. He made sure to hold my hand lightly which made me feel wanted and loved. At one point (probably 4 hours in) we walked into an apartment and Josh asked me for the umteenth time what I thought of the place, of course my usual reply was "eh it's ok". His look of frustration following his response, "you've said that about every place!" made me lash out at him. That's when my double reared it's ugly face (she comes out to play once in a while). I told him every little thing that was wrong with it! He was happy with the price so he happened to overlook the important things like the small cramped kitchen which I already hate being inside of, the small closet space, the disgusting smell, and the lack of light. The list went on and on to which he responded, "You need food don't you babe?" A small smile appeared on my face. He took my hand once again and took me to Subway which really did make me feel a little better at least get me through another few hours.

The very last place we came to was this quaint little Cottage-looking apartment complex with a river running through it.  It looked promising but when we entered the apartment it actually exceeded our expectations. It had about 80% of our must have's and we both liked it. Of course, I fell in love right when I saw the 5 foot deep walk-in closet!!! It was perfect for us. So we signed a lease and will be residents of Bedford, Texas for nine months after we get married. So even though we had less than perfect weather (refering to my attitude) we found our first abode together a treasure all in itself.

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