Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scuffy not so fluffy anymore

                                               (DISCLAIMER: I AM NO FAN OF PETS). 

This is my soon to be step-child Scuffy. He is adored by Josh in many ways for many years now. He has been there for Josh through the thick and thin. When I met Scuffy he was about twice the size he is now because Josh wasn't around as often, it seems Scuffy got a little depressed and lost some weight.

Naturally Scuffy was not my biggest fan. Who would be after I stole their complete affection and time from them? Anytime I was over at Josh's apartment Scuffy would give me evil eyes and would ignore me until Josh was sitting next to me. Obviously Scuffy would only come near me if Josh was there as well because Scuffy craved only Josh's attention. 

A few days ago Scuffy moved into my apartment on strict orders from Josh. Basically I was to learn to love this animal before we all moved in together (which BTW we get married in 60 days exactly!!!) So I caved and I took him in out of my love for Josh. During Scuffy's first few days he moped around, a bit nervous about the new environment and owner. (Scuffy must have sensed my plot to get rid of him, I'm pretty sure he heard the words poison and discard in the same sentence a time or two).  JK ;)

Like any child he pushed his boundaries. First little things like jumping up on the furniture, scratching the leather couches, etc. I was a little nervous about the situation and I quickly went into "Mom" mode. However, one day he decided to be extra bold and push the limits far beyond the boundaries. I was cooking dinner when I heard him shuffling in his poop box (looked like he was trying to cover it up in there) when all of a sudden I turn around and he was taking a dump on my living room floor!!!! I was livid to say the least. I started yelling at him, "SCUFFY WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING??" He was alarmed as he scurried through my living room and dinning room and into my bedroom with poop attached to his behind. I continued yelling as he began scooting his butt across my bedroom floor and then he ran under my bed to hide in shame.

As I searched for the poop. I prayed and hoped it wasn't under my bed or smashed across my floor. Yet to my great surprise it was on the wall of my dinning room. How the heck it got there I have no idea. Maybe he was aiming for his poop box but he was off about a foot or so! I was NOT happy. Y'all are probably laughing right about now and looking back someday I may laugh as well but not today. I locked him in the room for about 30 minutes as a time-out, even with him scratching at the door and meowing I stood firm until I was ready for him to come out. When he came out from under the bed his approach towards me was subtle and his meows resembled an apology. He brushed up against me in an attempt to settle the score and call a truce. And that was it.

Needless to say he is better behaved now and he tries to make it up to me each night by cuddling with me and allowing me to hug him through the night (something he has only allowed Josh to do a few times). We are much more patient with each other and a soft spot is starting to form in the corner of my heart for him. The rest of my heart belongs to Josh so there's little room for Scuffy anyways but it's the effort that counts. 


  1. hahaha! Loved this post! You are really brave for taking Scuffy home! I don't know if I could have taken Catcher home...I'm so excited for you guys to get married!!! xoxoxo

  2. Thanks! C'mon though Catcher is like 100x bigger than Scuffy ...NO ONE would blame you for not taking him home lol. I'm super excited too! Say hello to Matt for me.