Monday, September 24, 2012

Adding to the Family

DON'T get excited people...I'm NOT pregnant! However, Josh and I bought 2 baby girl guinea pigs over the weekend. It came about one bored Saturday afternoon...We had left Wal-Mart finished with all of our errands and decided to browse some other stores. He wanted to go into Petco first and I agreed thinking we might just look around. His real reasoning for taking me there was to buy me any type of pet, anything to soften my heart towards animals. He teased me telling me he might buy me a turtle and call it even for my birthday and Christmas. (YEAH RIGHT! haha). So we came in and then I saw this big fat guinea pig just laying there all alone. Before I could even look over to Josh he was already drooling over the glass asking if he could hold the big guy. The saleswoman started to jingle her keys to open the glass and the guinea pig instantly knew to run over to the opening eager for someone to hold him. He had been the last of them mainly and according to the saleswoman he was a stinker...quite the brat. However, she offered an alternative, she had received a new shipment earlier that day and asked if we wanted to hold those instead. Of course we said yes but felt bad that the "stinker" slowly made his way back to his corner looking sad...another disappointment!

We got to hold two little girls about 3 months old and we fell in love. I got the short haired, black, brown, and white one while Josh elected the long haired brown and white furrball. We got home and let them loose in the apartment while Scuffy sniffed around trying to make heads or tails of it. He made tails of it....he was not happy about the matter. Josh named his little one Minx which seems to fit perfectly. She is a ball of energy, curious about every nook and cranny, she ran around crazily looking for trouble. Minx is truly Josh's little girl, those two are so alike (if you've ever witnessed Josh with too much energy lol). He's even trying to teach her how to be his "Shoulder Buddy" she sits on his shoulder and watches him to hw on the computer (It's super sweet). Cheeky on the other hand is clam, reserved, she's a lady and she loves to cuddle. So for now we are enjoying our new furry friends and we love it.

BTW-They don't smell. I make sure of it. I can't stand smelly homes especially due to pets.

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  1. congrats on your new additions! They sound adorable.