Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On Cheap Mode by Force

My husband is a wonderful man. Among his many great qualities lies a middle-of-the-road attribute which drives our little family towards greater things it's called: Cheap Ace (excuse my language).

Yes, being a girl I did spend waaaay to much money on clothes, shoes, purses, mani's and pedi's, make-up etc. In Dolly Parton's famous words "It takes effort to look like this!" So when we started dating I toned it down and started saving or rather putting that money towards the wedding. Now however I am putting that money towards debt and bills. Luckily with his "Snowball Plan" we will be completely out of debt (student loans, cars paid off) and in a lovely home by August of next year.

The light at the end of the tunnel seems ominously dim for me and I cry thinking about all the things I could have right now while forgetting the amazing things I could have later if I just sacrifice now. So when my parents made a joke about me not having my nails done (I did however get a pedi) for my cousins wedding on Friday it got Josh thinking....It's never good when either one of us is thinking!

We went grocery shopping later that weekend and as a treat Josh told me he would splurge on me a bit and buy me some pretty nail polish and that HE would paint my nails as an FHE activity. I thought he was being super sweet so I indulged. We bought this beautiful coral color that would look great against my tan skin. It wasn't until a few days later that we realized we had left the polish at the store. Sadly, I thought well maybe a hot pink will do (the only color in my cupboard anyways I hardly ever buy nail polish nor do I store it. I mean why would I? Elite Nail Salon keeps great colors and they do a way better job than me lol).

Josh agreed to use the pink. He did horribly great! There was nail polish all around the corners and on my cuticles. Men think it's like painting a wall or something. They're called brush strokes my dear. As I'm giggling about his work he asks, "Do the Asian woman use these same brushes?" He then added, "Well now you can just give me the 30 bucks you spend on getting your nails done!"

AH-HA!!! There it was! The catch...Cheap Mode on Blast. Besides being semi-nice he had alterior motives for painting my nails. Needless to say I require my girl-time, the massage, trimming, filing, and perfect brush strokes when it comes to my nails. I will continue to visit the nail salon even though I am on a budget of $30 bucks a month, next month I will definitely do a mani rather than pedi.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching X-Factor while Hubby did my nails. Great quality time together. :) He did try and clean up the surrounding areas. Not bad for a first-timer. (It's like a Mona Lisa...far away it's a beautiful masterpiece but up close it's a horrible disaster)

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