Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guns or Roses?

So yes, a gun did this to my eye....ok well the scope on a 30/30 rifle did it. Let me start at the beginning....Josh was supposed to be looking out for me but I guess he thought Daddy's Little Princess could manage especially since Daddy is AKA Rambo with all the guns he has. So a fun weekend turned into a trip to Urgent Care with my eye bleeding out. Josh wanted to shoot the rifle a few times before the rest of our crew met us out in Conroe for the weekend. He had bought a few target sheets (of which they were miniscule which in turn shattered my focus as well as my eye). The first time I shot it hit the tree above the target sheet and so I was determined to hit it. I crouched down got into position (FYI I can't wink so I had both eyes open to view the scope...WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME it is very hard to look through a scope with both eyes and focus) it took a good 3 minutes before I got the shot and when the gun kicked back it hit me in the eye. So because my concentration was focused else where I completely forgot to hold the gun correctly against my shoulder. It felt like a ton of bricks...I literally mean a ton of bricks hit my eye. I didn't feel the blood oozing out of my eye until Josh came over to me and his face held horror in his eyes.
I didn't feel pain and I didn't cry (Daddy's Little Princess is a trooper!) I held my forehead as I tried to put pressure on the wound while I walked inside and washed up. My cousins Jackie and Marty seemed to be freaking out a bit trying to figure out what to do. I saw the cut in the mirror and said, "Let's go...I need stitches" Josh called a few places and we headed out. He felt really bad and the whole way there he couldn't help but blame himself. It was an accident and I got lucky it wasn't as bad as it could have been, thankfully.

So 2 hours later I've got 6 stitches, a whoozy husband (oh my how will he handle child birth), and a rumbling stomach and I was ready to get back to it. I didn't experience too much pain through out (must be my high threshold for pain) I did however try to hustle some pain med's from Doctor D (the cool, Haitian country man) but he just laughed said I wouldn't need them. I guess most folk out in the country are pretty laid back like him, he cussed a few times and blasted his Creole Jams during the procedure.

Now I have an awesome scar to look forward to, good thing it's below my eyebrow. I have a purple, black, and greenish tint to my eye which showed up the next day and has been subsiding so there's been a lot of concerned looks at work (it isn't the first time either they still remember my paintball gun wounds) What can I say I bruise easily! Next time I'll be extra careful when handling my guns but some roses would have been nice too


  1. Intense! I also want my CHL someday...I just can't afford it right now :(
    You go, girl!

  2. Ahh! You poor thing! The first time my sister shot a gun, her and her now husband were just dating. She was visiting him in Tennessee, and when she shot the gun, it hit her so hard in the shoulder she started crying. It didn't go quite as Doug had planned :)