Friday, April 27, 2012

Busy little bees

A text message "Ah-Ha moment". Josh aka Hubby and I realized that we are extremely busy with life. Every night we have SOMETHING to do. Now whether that's something simple like grocery shopping together (I refuse to shop by myself which usually leads to starvation), or going to a Ranger's game. Even though some nights feel like a rountine, for instance our Wednesdays: After work we go to this Salvadorian place for $1.00 Pupusas, which are AMAZING, and then we go to Institute to learn more about the Book of Mormon. Yet, we are able to enjoy those moments because we are together.

Although we have plans just about every night we still find time to enjoy ourselves. We both love to read which makes it easy to sit down and get lost in a world of magic where good always defeats evil. Josh will tell you that I ignore the world altogether which can be...well no... it's true but he doesn't mind at all which is an indicator to him of my future as a writer. I will most likely ignore the world and become consumed with my work until he pulls me out of my state of comatose with a sweet, tender kiss like he always does. 

 "For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life"- William Blake

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