Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giselle's Love Life Exposed

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Josh and I awaited patiently for my sister to arrive from her 20 some odd hour drive down from Provo, Utah. She had 3 others in the car with her.

Luke-An energetic, Spanish/Korean speaking Kiwi with a passion for Fantasty novels.

Georgia- Luke's sister, sweet like sugar (enough said).

Hayden-The "Boyfriend"

The drive, speaking from experience, was long and arduous. Giselle being the host forgot her duties and didn't bring water or healthy snacks to munch on. These kids were hopped up on sugar, mountain dew, and were quite dehydrated and delirious when they got to my house. Luckily we had some homecooked Chili with lots of water (they even slipped in some vitamins). After lunch we watched a movie as we all relaxed before they drove down 4 more hours down to Houston.

We met them in Conroe (where my dad's ranch is located) on Wednesday night to start the holiday weekend. It was rowdy and loud with all 20 somthing people (mostly family) at the house but loads of fun. Thanksgiving was delicious and believe it or not we DID NOT nap! (Tragic... I know). However, it was hard to think of sleep when we had a four wheeler, Go Kart, a chopped up Pathfinder ripping through the forest and a bit of mud. We even snuck in a few hours at Wal-Mart on Black Friday (an event I will NEVER take Josh to again). ADVICE: Anyone with a temper or lack of patience should not be allowed to leave the house during Black Friday!! We were in a red neck town and by the looks of all the camo it wasn't a good idea to piss anyone off. We made it through safe and sound. Luke and Georgia enjoyed the experience and got great deals on candy and socks. My cousin, Prissy, and I were a little more ambitious we went for the lap top and cam corder devices.

So during our short vacation we finally got to meet and experience Giselle's boyfriend (one we actually liked) and here is what we gathered:

Rugby player so yes he's a Kiwi (she loves the accent), a bit quiet or reserved (must of been nerves), EATS a lot thus always hungry, quick learner (now knows more complete sentences in Spanish), loves to wear same type of round neck t-shirts (sticks to black and white colors) but has one with a pocket too, nice guy, served a mission in New Zealand, according to Giselle he majors in interior design(lol she forgets it's actually Industrial Design), pretty good at pool....well as you can see the list can go on and on. Basically Giselle likes him a lot and so do we (could take my dad a little while longer though...TIP to Hayden: Find common ground other than Giselle)

Although we missed our Jo-Mama this year we are thankful Hayden was with us to fill a spot in our family and maybe someday a permanent spot as well. Luke and Georgia were so much fun as well. We have so much to be thankful for this year all in all it has been an amazing year for our family.

Favorite quote of the week.Luke is trying to teach Hayden spanish....Luke says "Quien es tu papi?" Hayden's face looks confused "Huh?" We all just bust out laughing....*ahhh good times*


  1. First off you suck at writing :P bahah jk ay get your facts straight! He served his mission in Australia. You forgot to mention he's sexyyyyy. A kiwi for those that dont know is a name given to those who are born and raised in New Zealand. He's sweet cute and funny and I am a GREAT host. So suck it haha

  2. Ha yeah I wanna hear you say that when I'm earning millions off of my writing! That's right I forgot he served in Australia. And I'm writing it from my point of view not yours if you want cute, sexy and all that stuff write your own blog lol

  3. Hahahah! I miss the Orantes family!

    P.S. Good job Giselle.