Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bad to Worse

Today was awful to say the least.

From the time I woke up this morning to the time I came home it has all blurred into a big blob of bothersome period of living.

My sister Giselle could usually alleviate my moody moments with her witty words however now I turn to Josh. Usually he says something sweet to me with an earnest look in his eyes and kindly kisses me to soothe my woes. In my case today, I would need all those things times a 100 to begin to alleviate anger built up inside.

It starts with a pinch and soon it turns into punches and finally your on the floor looking up as fists are pumped in the air victoriously. (I imagine my Mii after a match against Josh in just about any sport)

If we let the anger build it can destroy us. So what if the neighbor thinks you can't park! Maybe he was in a bad mood. The woman on her cell phone can't make up her mind on which lane to take. Maybe she just got some bad news and has to take a different route than planned. Or that Mr. Know-it-All employee is rude and argumentative. Perhaps he is just old and cynical? Lol he probably needs to be killed with kind words. My "favorite" today was the man calling in for his wife demanding (and cussing at me) to have her W-2 mailed to their address because they don't know how to use a computer. It's 2013 .... Keep up with the times!!! Or find someone to show you.

Bottom line: no one wanted to take responsibility for their actions. My neighbor wants to blame me bc he parked too close to the white line. The woman on the cell phone looks surprised when people honk at her... Get a Bluetooth or get off the phone and pay attention. Mr KIA blames me for the fact that he misread the brochure full of important information on the changes to his benefits! Apparently except means to include in his vocabulary. And least of all the over zealous frantic husband trying to get his taxes done before you are even allowed to file them! HnR Block isn't going anywhere last I heard.

That's my rant for today. I usually try not to be negative in my posts. No one likes a sour puss. So my turn... I should take responsibility for allowing these little things to frustrate me and put a pinch in my day. I have removed myself from humanity and after some needed alone time I am feeling relaxed. I am blessed to have made it through today :)

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