Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shopping with a man

Don't try to stop me. I know the side effects. I have been warned.

Josh and I decided to go shopping today. Of course his idea of shopping includes walking at warp speed through the mall from the sunglass hut to Dick's. NOT OKAY!

He's been working a new job which is taking up a lot of time and today is his day off. So we decided to spend "quality time" together: annoyed yet satisfied.

You see there's some endorphine in the body that releases a chemical, enabling us to be happy after making a purchase even though I'm annoyed that I can't really BROWSE the store and he's annoyed because I'm taking too long to decide if emerald green or fuchsia looks better on me (he just nods and agrees). Men just aren't good shopping buddies (there are some exclusions).

But I take whatever time I can get with him because even though I know I'll end up tired from running through the mall, I'll have him by my side.

Maybe any time is quality time?

My language of love is physical touch. He's usually extremely touchy in public. Maybe this isn't such a bad idea :)

I'll just have to get my retail therapy in some other way.

*side note: I wish my sisters lived in town

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