Thursday, January 17, 2013

Born this way...Or Not

What makes us who we are?

Darwin's cousin Galton liked to think of it as nature versus nurture.

We've heard it over and over again. There are countless studies. Different views and opinions.

Recently I've had friends and loved ones make decisions that takes them on a completely different path than the one they originally started. An action causes a reaction and thus a chain of events proceeds.

I've always been a quiet, shy individual but I wonder if my parents had stuck me in acting classes would I have blossomed into what my environment prepared me for? Or would I have just sunk instead of swimming?

As young children our nature runs wild until the nurturing part comes in and we begin to learn social acceptance. During these phases in our lives where we learn how to act, how to obey, or how to be accepted: Is there really any changes happening or are we just pretending to be accepted? Do we follow in order to please or be rewarded?

What I have learned over the years is that I had innate qualities and talents when I came into this world of which it is my responsibility to share and expand them. Many of the qualities I possess now also derive from learned experiences and from mistakes or risks I have taken. Sometimes I have even let things happen to me which have changed my course entirely and then "Meli", my inter voice says, "Recalculating" (Yes, of course it's in a British accent).

I am a product of
and only I decide, who I become, my destiny.   

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