Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dreams vs Insomnia

Lately I've been having some weird dreams. I usually didn't ever remember my dreams because when I was a child I wished to not dream. I had to give up the good dreams so that I wouldn't have nightmares.

But recently I wake up and remember at least one or two of my dreams. Sometimes it's just bits and pieces of the nights dreams.

Josh like any male dreams about being a ninja. Basically the perfect archetype for the hero. He is a protector by nature and it seeps through to his subconscious. He's such a stud in his dreams. He always gets the bad guy and has all these amazing skills like sword fighting, and jiu jitsu.

I on the other hand have dreams about cleaning the kitchen (that's my angry dream coz no one wants to help but everyone makes a mess). I dream about going to work and never being able to leave because my stack of work never seems to dwindle. Other times I have nightmares most of which I wake up crying, sad, and hurt. Those don't last too long in my memory bank mostly it's a nightmare of emotions not visually.

I realized my undesirable dreams have become quite frequent visitors for about the past two years. It's been a whirlwind of change during the past two years and maybe my subconscious is fighting me or rather the unconscious part of me. Perhaps I am battling my id, who clearly does not want my ego to win. Therefore my dreams are a representation of what life would be like (i.e. NOT fun). My id teases my ego by demonstrating what a drag life could be as an adult. But my ego knows better than that... It's the constant struggle to leave behind childhood and enter adulthood. Something very few of us want or even fully achieve.

So while my id and ego duke it out my super-ego stands watch and referees.

Resolution: Dream catcher

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