Friday, January 25, 2013

Girls night

I had the great pleasure of spending my Friday night with two amazing girls: Chloe and Julie Eisermann.

Chloe is an intelligent fifth grader with a colorful personality that is both appealing and gracious. She plays the violin like nobody's business! And has eyes the color of spring as winter melts away both piercing and kind. I love her enthusiasm for all things girly (something we both share). Her goodness radiates from her sweet smile, it is hard to resist not giving her one back. There's an energy within her that is contagious and fun.

Julie on the other hand is young and quiet. She follows her sister, mimicking her every move while still retaining her uniqueness. This adorable little first grader stands her ground when necessary but quiet is her refuge. With her wispy brown hair out of her face you can see her sage green eyes earnestly looking back at you. Although she is shy, if you allow her she has so many opinions to offer up. Plus she's great at picking nail polish colors that go well together!

No doubt they will grow up to be beautiful women inside and out. They have a strength they gather from their amazing mother. I had a fantastic time talking and giving our cuticles attention. Makes me so much more excited for motherhood and the possibility of daughters.

Their middle sister Heidi couldn't make it tonight because she had a school project to work on but I look forward to getting to know her as well.

It was a great girls night!!!

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