Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life's little treasures

In this day in age everything and anything is all about instant gratification. We need it now. We want the latest and newest edition. We crave for more. We love it now and hate it tomorrow. We must live in the moment because that's all we have so basically eat, drink, and be merry because who cares what tomorrow brings.

That's the message the media sends out through movies, TV shows, and music. George Strait tells us "I'm not here for a long time I'm here for a good time". Or Ke$ha who proudly announces in just about every song "to make the most of it" who cares about tomorrow's consequences? TV shows like Two and a half Men or Anger Management produce bad role models like Charlie Sheen. Yes I recognize that he stars on both series at one point but he is the epitome of my exact point I'm trying to get across. I don't think I need to explain just how movies affect us. They should just change the rating system to validate what is really being portrayed.

It used to be enjoyable when I could go to the movies with family and friends and not be disappointed because the selection didn't include all R rated movies except for a PG family movie. It's sad to see how the world is changing little by little we have lost values and morals. Instead of enjoying what matters most like family, nature, animals, and taking part in the lives around us we look to electronics when bored.

5 of life's little things:

I enjoy watching the leaves turn gold and auburn during fall.
I love to hear the ocean beat against the sand, fast and powerful then gentle.
The smell of fresh cut grass is so crisp and vivid in my memories that I imagine it to be so much sweeter when I actually encounter it.
Singers are so talented, their voices carry emotion and travel right through me. ( I love to sing so I'm thankful Im not tone deaf).
Sifting my hand through fine sand while feeling its cool temperatures warm up against my fingers feels wonderful.

You see all these experiences are dying in our culture. We can no longer see, hear, smell, touch, or taste what is around us and appreciate it. It's an ancient art form and those who know how to understand it are not passing off the information. For our children's sake I hope we will find a way back to the path. And enjoy life's little things...

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