Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I have already failed my writing goal this year of not writing everyday but I will continue nevertheless.

Yesterday was awful at work. The seconds couldn't have gone by any slower and work couldn't have been any busier. When I got home I was beat but I still managed to gather enough strength to go to the mall with Josh.

It was nice spending time with him during the day (he's been working til 9pm just about every night). It almost felt like date night.

Josh bought a new backpack for school, which he starts today! I got my ring cleaned and inspected. We took pictures in a booth (it's my krptonite... I see a booth and something takes a hold of my legs and somehow I end up inside taking funny/cute pictures).

The best part was seeing Josh get all excited when he saw Swords, Knives, and Beyond!! It's not really called that but might as well be. It was like giving candy to a child or jewelry to a woman. He was so enthusiastic about looking at the merchandise. His collection holds about 20 at the time and he's gunning for 500 (no pun intended). Heirlooms he calls them. One day our sons or daughters will be nerds or violent. JK :)

Knives are pretty good tools. Josh happen to put one in my purse just in case a dog (and I don't just mean the ones that pee on hydrants) attacks me. I've already used mine this morning, of course it was to cut off a string hanging off my shirt. Maybe that means he's not ready to put a gun in my hands. I do have a bit of bad history. Accidents happen! Lol my scar looks pretty cool now that's its healed.

So we cuddled as we watched a redbox movie at home and we had a perfect happy ending to our night. So my distraction is a good excuse to slack a bit on my daily writing.

Families that play together stay together.

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